Mechanical Manufacturing


Since the beginning of 2012 we are able to carry out erosion work. We have installed 2 vertical EDM and 2 wire EDM machines for this purpose.


In our Mechanical Manufacturing we have the ability to carry out the necessary lathe works, milling works, drillings and grinding works ourselves in order to realise our projects. We let carry out specific processing as for instance gearing works by established partners.

In our metal working shop it is possible to carry out flame cutting and welding operations as well as cutting, bending and rolling of metal sheet.

To be able to correspond to the quality standard regarding concentricity and quiet running of rotors these parts will be balanced dynamically in our company.

Examples of use:

  • Support frames, traverses, consoles, bearing holders
  • Driers of rotogravure presses, sheet-metal caps and cover panels
  • Draw rollers, web-guide rollers, tape rollers, folding rollers, ink distributors, levers of draw roller, bearer rings
  • and many more


Surface Technology

In our department Surface Technology we apply different wear-resistant coatings with various processes.

Thereby e. g. a higher durability of machine parts will be obtained or different functions of the surface can be adjusted. So we have for example developed a special coating for duct rollers which combines the characteristic of duct rollers consisting of cast iron (lubrication, ink feed) and ceramics (durability).


But the wear parts can also refurbished by surface coating.This is an economic and also often a fast alternative solution instead of purchase of spare parts at the manufacturer of the press.

Examples of use:

  • Folding jaws, folding rollers, web-guide rollers, tape rollers, draw rollers
  • Inking rollers treated with rilsan, duct rollers
  • Gripper, gripper pad
  • and many more

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